Welcome FAQ. . .

. . . To our travel blog. Hopefully.

Q: Who will Travel?
A: Mother Sofi and Daugther Stina.

Q: Where will you Travel?
A: Porto Rafti, Greece, is the main target.

Q: How will you travel?
A: To Greece, by plane. (walking and driving various other veiachles would take too long). And in Greece, by foot, by taxi, by train and by whatever else we come across!

Q: When will you go? And how long are you gone?
A: We start this adventure on may the 28th and return June the 12th. Unless! we run into any ash-clouds...

Q: What will be in this blog?
A: Anything, everything, you're free to ask questions, leave comments and so on. Maybe we'll be able to give you tips for your travel/s or whatever (when we, er, actually learn something).

Information Porto Rafti:
The red star (click on the miniature picture)

Porto Rafti (Greek: Πόρτο Ράφτη), official name: Limin Mesogeias (Greek: Λιμήν Μεσογείας) is a seaside town. As of 2001, its population was 7,131. (Summertime year 2008 population were about 10.000). It surrounds the Porto Rafti Bay in the east coast of Attica, 38 km from the center of Athens, Greece. It is also located very close to the Attiki Odos and to the closed Olympic Equestrian Centre of Athens. Porto Rafti is part of the Markopoulo Mesogeias municipality in the East Attica prefecture.

The town is known for its beaches, restaurants serving traditional Greek food (tavernas), hotels and apartments for rent during the holidays. In Porto Rafti, thousands of Athens' residents have built their country-houses for their holidays.

The nautical sports at Porto Rafti are served by two major clubs (NASPOR and IOPOR). Porto Rafti also has its own football & basketball team, called AEPOR (Athlitiki Enosi Porto Rafi or Porto Rafti Athletic Club).


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