The worst thing about being a tourist... having other tourists recognize you as a tourist.

Me and my mom are going to travel to Greece, to visit some of her friends who has gracefully borrowed us their apartment in Porto Rafti. Two weeks of Greek and Greece and Greekology (hehe) and a lot of (hopefully) sun and (most probably) friendly people.

In an unexplained burst of inspiration I’ve created the foundation for a travel blog. Hopefully it won’t dry up as fast as my previous blog, though this one actually has a purpose other than my random thoughts. There will be pictures, probably a lot of them, facts about Greek stuff and dictations of our random and most probably Awesome! adventures.

Before this trip I’ve listened a little to some ‘Learn Greek’ audio files. Into the third lesson, over a too long a period of time, I noticed the teacher is obsessed with Americans (probably because these lessons are meant for Americans) and if someone is American or not. Is te Americanos? And. So. On. I will most definantly not be speaking greek, at least not more than the obvious. Yes, no, thank you and I don’t know. Enough for me I belive.

Thank you!

The Greek Flag

Postat av: Kvast-Hilda

Det här blir ju underbart bra!!

2010-05-25 @ 13:54:07

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