No Matter Where You Go. . .

. . . There you are.

In a few hours the journey begins. Already today several hours have passed by and so far they have all felt much, much longer than sixty minutes. Expectation and anticipation makes time pass very slowly. Early this morning I woke up to book our seats in our choice of transportation. The Airplane. My dear mothers’ favourite choice of transportation. *insert heavy sarcasm* (It’s difficult to convey sarcasm through text). I woke up early, and was later unable to fall asleep again, so this day was already longer than usual. Without being sloooow.
Our seating in the front on the right.
So, I’ve booked our seats for this flight with mother sofis’ wish of seating in mind. She wants to sit in the front of the plane. I have a loose theory that she subcounsiously prefers the front to the back due to the airplanes' movement in flight. The further back in the body you sit you’re more prone to feel when the plane works to keep a steady course. Because the tail and the back section moves considerably more than the nose and front. At least that’s my theory. Loosley based on what I learnt in school (aviation collage, yes. . .) many years ago.

Our seats are on row 21, J&K, and mine'll be K!

Our airplane is a boeing 737-800. Boeing 737 is a short to medium range, single aisle and narrow body jet airliner. 737’s lack a fuel dump system. The 800s are a version of the 737-700s with longer bodies. This version was launched in 1994 and introduced into service in 1998. They hold 162 or 189 passangers depending on the class layout.

Very exiting.

Our type of airplane!

Can’t wait to take off (take off and landing, the best parts of flight travel!!)


Lot's of love


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