I like my money right where I can see them. . .

...in my closet.

Mother Sofi went to the hairdresser today. She was to have her hair cut and add highlights. When I arrived a little later in the morning, at the hairdresser, she had cut her hair and added one big fat highlight. In all of her hair. Brill! It actually looks great and she pulls the whole silver/platinum blond hair off (otherwise I usually associate platinum blond hair with, well, people of cheap porno flicks or their related associates… *clears throat*).

Anyway, it looks great.
A Jesus-shoe.
Afterwards we went shopping for important stuff to bring with us to Greece. Because one can never have enough stuff! Mother Sofi bought some nice shoes with lots of straps, kind of like those old roman sandals, or as a friend calls them “Jesus-shoes”. Though much more fashionable and up to date, but you get the picture... She also bought some band aids for the possible and probable galls (skvasår in Swedish) she’ll receive from breaking in these awesome looking sandals/shoes.

I bought some stuff to. Like a t-shirt. Because I love t-shirts and they are awesome. This one was pretty with pretty colors and a fierce animal on… I mean, what’s not to like? I’ll wear it to the beach, and in the city and when I chill in the shade of some building looking cool and relaxed… I love it.



My new t-shirt!

Now I’ll head over to Mothers' and watch the Eurovision Song Contest semi Final 1.


Postat av: Maria

Hon var skiiiitsnygg i håret!!!

2010-05-26 @ 08:11:16
URL: http://smatagott.blogspot.com
Postat av: Stina

Mycket snygg jajemen!

2010-05-26 @ 14:04:15
Postat av: WitchSophie

Svar till brudarna Stina och Maria!! Gullsnuppor!!!!


2010-05-26 @ 22:59:05

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