Get the Facts First. . .

. . . you can distort them later.

So, I thought I’d post some facts about Greece. And while I’m doing it I’ll only add facts I find interesting, because in my opinion this is the only kind of facts that stick. In fact, heh, information that is bland or boring seem to enter one ear and exit through the other within the same second. Here are some intersting facts about Greece:
It's all they do, all day long. . . Heh.
·          Greece has a collection of over 6000 islands.

·          Greeks love to dance and have more than 63 folk dances.

·          No part of Greece is more than 140 kilometers (85 miles) from the sea.

·          Greece is one of the oldest nations in Europe, and started 2,500 years ago.

·         Our culture of architecture, art, science, math, literature, music, philosophy and mythology all derive from Greece.

·         Their National Anthem, Hymn to Liberty, contains 158 verses.

·         Tossing an apple to a girl was a traditional way of proposing.

And! to add to my mothers’ brief mention of the Olympic Games from Greece:

·         The first olympics were in 776 BCE and there was one event, a short 200 meter sprint called a stade.

·         Thousands would come from all over greece to watch the games, the main stadium held 45,000 and they still needed thousands of tents!

·         Married women could be put to death for watching the games. . .Very Embarrasing.

·         In the ancient olympics winners were given olive wreaths.

·         They were so serious about thier games that one athlete who backed out was fined with cowardice. . . Which was very, veeery embarrassing!


These are some facts worth remembering =)




*Link to the complete Greek National Anthem, in the Greek Language here. Click me!


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