Athens the town of sports

As you know Athen was the long-time capital of the Olympic games a long time ago. 

When I visited Athens last year I hoped to see alot of Greek Gods in miniskirts
in the new Olympic Games stadium, but that weekend I didn´t see any athlets like that

Oooo, almost forgot, I did however see A LOT of guys in skirts *happy smile*
but they also had guns and only had eyes for the Parlament...

so NO WAY I could've made a move to flirt with them...  

So what is the most popular sport in the town full of sport history and traditions??

I´m not a sport fanatic but one thing I know, the people of Greece
don´t run to the stadium for Olympic games, they run to see.....

...Football !!

When football games are playing in Greece all other activitets stop!
Just like in our country when it´s hunting week for moose *lmao*
or icehockey and so on.

So back to Athens. There are 2 major teams and like the two gigant newpappers in Sweden
, Aftonbladet or Expressen... you support one of them...
Me and Stina talked about what is the most beautiful coulors...
That´s what I know about football... 
The green ones or the red ones...


So as with women (when we buy a car) we go for the coulor. And.
I like Green!



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